Anton Yeretsky: Symphony and Opera Conductor

Anton Yeretsky is a distinguished symphony and opera conductor whose dynamic leadership and captivating performances have made him a favorite among orchestras and audiences worldwide. With over two decades of experience and a PhD in Musicology, Anton brings a scholarly insight and innovative approach to every performance, making him a sought-after conductor in the classical music industry.

Educated in Vienna, Austria Anton has mastered an expansive repertoire that spans traditional to contemporary works, which he skillfully delivers to diverse audiences. His tenure as Music Director and CEO of the Great Lakes Philharmonic in Toronto, along with impactful roles at Vienna's PolyMuse Orchestra and Shanghai's Four Seasons Symphony Orchestra, underscores his ability to enhance the capabilities and performance excellence of orchestras globally.

Anton is celebrated for his unique ability to connect with and inspire the orchestras he conducts, fostering environments where musicians thrive. His performances are renowned for their emotional depth and artistic creativity, consistently drawing enthusiastic crowds and earning standing ovations at prestigious venues such as the Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener Musikverein, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, Victory Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Centre, and Opera Marseille. His programming acumen and engaging stage presence have led to notable increases in audience engagement, with remarkable growth in subscription holders and a sustained success in attracting new audiences—21% growth in 2021 and 23% in 2022.

In addition to his performance excellence, Anton is a charismatic leader whose charitable initiatives have significantly impacted communities, notably raising over 100,000 euros in Vienna for war relief efforts. His dedication to music education is evident in his leadership roles at international masterclasses and competitions, where he continues to mentor and inspire the next generation of musicians.

Anton Yeretsky is not only a masterful conductor but also a driving force in the classical music world, committed to enriching the cultural landscape and advancing classical music appreciation across diverse communities. His approachability, combined with his passionate and innovative performances, make him an invaluable asset to any musical institution looking to elevate their artistic offerings.