Anton Yeretsky

Symphony and Opera Conductor


About Anton Yeretsky

Meet Anton Yeretsky, a dynamic symphony and opera conductor who brings over twenty years of passion and expertise to the world stage. With a rich background that includes a PhD in Musicology, Anton is not just a conductor; he’s a visionary artist whose performances resonate deeply with audiences everywhere.

Why Anton Stands Out

Anton’s approach mixes deep academic insight with a raw, energetic flair that transforms every performance into a captivating experience. He’s not only known for his powerful on-stage presence but also for his ability to touch hearts and stir emotions, drawing people back to the theatre time and again.

From the iconic Wiener Konzerthaus to the bustling Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, Anton has enchanted audiences at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. His performances are more than just shows; they are profound experiences that linger long after the last note has played.

Innovative and Engaging

Driven by a commitment to innovation, Anton continually refreshes his repertoire with both traditional and contemporary works, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners. His programming is deliberately crafted to challenge the norms and excite the community, contributing to a noticeable 21% growth in audience size in 2021 and an impressive 23% in 2022.

A Leader Off the Podium

Beyond the podium, Anton is a motivational force and a fervent advocate for music education. He leads by example, directing international orchestras and spearheading educational projects that aim to spread classical music appreciation across diverse communities.

A Heart for Community

Anton’s dedication extends beyond music into impactful charitable work. He has led significant fundraising efforts, like the concerts in Vienna that raised over 100,000 euros, demonstrating music’s incredible power to support and heal communities during critical times.

Unforgettable Musical Journey

Working with Anton Yeretsky means opting for excellence, passion, and a transformative musical experience. Whether leading an orchestra through complex symphonies or engaging with the community, Anton represents the pinnacle of musical dedication and artistic integrity.

Anton's expansive repertoire underscores his versatility and deep commitment to evolving musical landscapes. He is a universal treasure, accessible to all, including those in marginalized communities, fostering an environment where music becomes a bridge, connecting diverse cultures and enriching lives.